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S.M.Mahesh's home page


Hello and welcome to my home page. These are a collection of my personal pages. There are no secrets here. Some of these pages may even be useful to you. It all started with me wanting a place to keep my list of bookmarks and reviewed utilities. Having just two pages on a web site did not make sense. So, I had to come up with a few more pages. The page of essential PC software got added when I got my computer. All other pages got added as and when the circumstances demanded. Who knows what new pages will emerge over time? All I can say is "keep checking".


The design of the home page is very simple. The design is simplified so as to not distract from the contents of the page.

There are not many images on these pages for two reasons. One, I have no images that will complement this site. Two, I do not want to add images just for the sake of adding images. The lack of images should make the pages load fast even on a slow bandwidth connection. On the flip side, the pages look very spartan to the visitor.
NOTE: This may change in the future
These pages have been tested on Internet Explorer6.0, Firefox1.0 and Lynx2.8.4 (a text only browser). All of them render the pages correctly. For some reason, Netscape 4.79 does not render the cascading style sheets. So, It is recommended that you do use that browser to access this page. As an aside, get Firefox browser and you will not go back to your old browser again.


Each page on this site serves one specific function. Each page can be accessed from any other page using the navigation sidebar. There is no specific ordering of pages - you can follow any traversal order. A brief description of each page is given below.


Essential Software
What every PC should have
Reviewed software goodies Warning: this page gets outdated fast!!
Random Thoughts
Random articles - converted to HTML
Mini-google : my collection of bookmarks


The introductory page - aka this page
About Me
A little information about the home page owner
News about the site/me - sort of a very vague diary.
Contact the page owner